Program for Wednesday 20/12/2023

Below is the timtable and events for Wednesday night 20/12/2023

6.30     70m

6.40     Standing Javelin   (500g Jav only to be used)

6.50     1000m

7.00     Standing Long Jump

7.15     300m

7.20     Chook Chuck

7.30     mixed 4 x 100m relay (any club, any gender)

Restriction on training times

Northern Tasmania Athletics and Athletics Tasmania are hosting the 10-12 Years Track and Field Nationals at St Leonards from 24 to 27 November 2023. We advise during this period that normal passholder training can be taken during the following hours:

Thursday 23 November: no restrictions apart from being aware that many championships participants will be familiarising at the venue
Friday 24 November: until 1.00pm
Saturday 25 November: until 1.00pm (although some teams will be having relay training as well during this period
Sunday 26 November: after 4.00pm
Monday 27 November: after 4.00pm

Track Closure


Unfortunatley the track will remain closed at this stage until Monday 9th October because of the repairs to the track not being completed due to bad weather earlier in the week.


At this stage the track will be closed for training and competition from 2nd October to 7th October 2023 inclusive for track repairs. We understand this falls at an awkward time, but the repairs need to be done and this is the time the contractors have allocated. 

Irrigation Works

Launceston City Council is currently undertaking the replacement of the irrigation system and upgrading of the water supply at the St Leonards Athletics Centre. We are asking all users of the venue to respect the work areas and equipment. If any issues arise we may be forced to close the venue until works are completed, which are scheduled for completion in September, weather dependant.

AGM 2023


The Annual General Meeting for Northern Tasmanian Athletics will be held on Tuesday 27 June 2023 at 6.30pm, Newstead Hotel Meeting Room.

All positions will be declared vacant and nominations close 22nd June 2023

Click on the link below for nomination form.

Nomination Form


Program for Saturday 25/03/2023

Please find below the timetable for this Saturday’s competition. We will require parents, coaches etc to assist on site to make this run smoothly.
Northern Tasmanian Athletics will be holding a BBQ at the end of competition on Saturday. We will be announcing our 2022-2023 Season Award Winners at this event and will arrange to have the Trophies presented to all recipients at a date and venue to be confirmed.
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.




Long Jump






Sprint Hurdles


Pole Vault








High Jump





Program A timetable changes for Wednesday 15th March

Below is the adjusted program A timetable for Wednesday 15th March


Please remember entries close 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time
Men                       Women
Shot                       Put Shot Put            6.15
Sprint Hurdles        Sprint Hurdles         6.30
400m                                                      6.40
Discus                     Discus                     6.40
Triple Jump             Triple Jump             6.45
                               400m                       6.45
3000m                    3000m                     6.50
100m                                                      7.15
Hammer                 Hammer                  7.15
                               100m                       7.20
Long Jump              Long Jump             7.25
800m                                                     7.30
                               800m                      7.35
Walks                     Walks                      7.40

Fun night 21/12/2022

Hi all,

Just some information in regards to the fun night on Wednesday 21/12/2022..

The format has changed from a teams heptathlon to a handicap/fun night. You need to be signed in no later than 6.00pm to allow for handicapping and arranging of heats. Order of events will be:

6.30      Mile   (no handicap)
6.40 Approx   100m handicap heats
6.45   Approx    Chook throw
7.00    Approx   300m handicap
7.10     Approx    Standing long jump
7.20      Approx    100m handicap final
End of night BBQ