Interclub Information

Interclub Rules and Regulations

1. Competition will be conducted under the rules of the World Athletics, Athletics Australia, Athletics Tasmania and Northern Tasmanian Athletics.
2. No athlete may compete in any Athletics Tasmania, Branch or Club event without being registered.
Exception : Athletes who have not been registered with Athletics Tasmania in the past three (3) years may compete without registering , upon payment of $10.00 fee. They will be issued with numbers that must be worn both front andback on the singlet or top. Numbers issued must be returned at the end of competition to the entry stewards. After one competition an athlete must register with a club.
This option will not be available after 30 November.
Note : Unregistered athletes are not insured and will not receive interclub points for any performances while unregistered.
3. Correct club uniform with current registration numbers (affixed by the four corners) must be worn at all times. An athlete failing to comply with this rule will not be allowed to compete unless prior permission has been obtained from the Competition Director and a $8.00 fee has been paid to hire an set of temporary numbers.
If an athlete wishes to wear tights they must be the same colour as their club uniform and do not display any advertising or makers logos.
4. Entries for all track and field events and relays shall close thirty (30) minutes before the advertised starting time for the event with the entry stewards.
5. Track events. Entries will not be accepted by the starter. All athletes are required to use starting blocks for all events up to and including 400m. This also includes the first leg of up to 400m of any relay. Only starting blocks provided by the venue may be used. An athlete may only compete in one division of an event.
6. Field events. Entries will not be accepted on the field sites. A competitor may not be added to the field after the competition commences.
An athlete may only compete in one division of an event. Each competitor will be allowed three (3) trials. If they reach the A standard
for points and are in the top eight (8) they will receive three (3) additional trials. If the athlete is in the top eight (8) but has not obtained the A standard for points they shall receive one (1) additional trial. An athlete who fails to take their trial when called will be fouled unless they
have arranged with the officials to be absent from the site and can change the order in which they make their attempt.
6a. An athlete who wishes to use their own implement for competition must provide a current certificate to show that the implement/s is of the required specifications from the Branch Technical Manager on the day of the competition. The athlete must allow all other competitors to use the
implement. Athletes will use the implement appropriate to their age group (see the specifications page)
7. Athletes will enter by providing their season best performance (or previous season best at the first meet) and will be placed in the appropriate division to compete.
8. Points will be allocated level 1 (A+) = 20 points, level 2 (A) = 19 points, level 3 (B) = 18 points, level 4 (C) = 17 points, level 5 (D) = 16 points, level 6 (E) = 15 points, level 7 (F) = 14 points, level 8 (G) = 13 points, level 9 (H) = 12 points, level 10 (I) = 11 points

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